Daniel Pessel

Daniel Pessel


DANIEL PESSEL is an artistic jack-of-all-trades. His 25 years of experience as a draughtsman and illustrator in Aix-en-Provence ensures eye-catching design. He can’t keep his hands still because they want to create things permanently, following the constant flow of ideas that sometimes even seems to elude them…

First he drew, then he painted, gave shape to things, did woodcarving, sculpting and now he also works with metal. Mechanics based on frames of old motorcycles were a good start. Then a lot of realizations came in cut steel, but the moment he discovered the enormous potential of recycling old objects, ideas flooded in.

Today, these sculptures come from a mechanical universe where sewing machines are combined with noble materials such as steel, leather or wood.

Many transformed objects become interwoven and lead to imposing machines controlled by charismatic characters. Are they dreamers, idealists, enthusiasts or adventurers ? Every observer is free to create the world that suits him.

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Arctica 1923


The Triketor


Boxer Concept



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La Fusée de Leonard


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