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Tolla is considered one of the top Israeli artists working today.

Born in Germany in 1958, Tolla attended the Merz school in Stuttgart until 1971. There she specialized in the art of ceramics and sculpture, developing her skill in an art form that would become a lifelong love story.

Casted in bronze, Tolla’s expressive sculptures convey the ancient humans’ pursuit of the divine. Her notable rope sculptures demonstrate harmony and flexibility in their expression of divine idealism. Tolla’s work conveys the idea of achieving spiritual goals through an individual path and incorporates the metaphor of climbing to demonstrate this.

The figures in her sculptures climb objects like stairs, ladders, and ropes to achieve their goals.

Tolla Inbar’s sculptures are part of many private collections throughout Europe, Israel and the United States.

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The Sky Is The Limit


Circle of Life

Joyful Bike

Joint Ladders

Playful Horse

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