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NoArt is a French artist born in 1965.

He spent the first part of his career recreating and reimagining impossible worlds, linked to the imaginations of Jules Verne and J.M. Barrie in a Steam Punk aesthetic.

From this period, NoArt retains a penchant for fun and re-imagining an imperfect world. Over the last 10 years, the lumino-kinetic universe has broken through into the artist’s work, which he viciously transforms into design, sometimes with a touch of kitschy aesthetics.

With bling, rhinestones and sequins that seem to have money and power in their sights, NoArt pokes fun at them. From the vaults (luminous mirrors that reflect wealth to infinity), the armored rickshaw (symbolizing the tension between rich and poor), the Offshore Machines (washing machines for money laundering), through the ATMs to the full vault, NoArt shows the excesses of obsession and hunger for money.

Always playing with appearances and trompe l’œil, the magic works and we are faced with a choice: complicity or escape from it.

NoArt - Works

Coffre Gold 60 Diamonds

Coffre Mirror 80 shiny gold bars

NoArt - Video's