Ilhwa Kim



Ilhwa Kim (b. 1968 in South Korea) creates works that are composed of tens of thousands rolled, hand-dyed Hanji paper pieces. Kim calls these individual rolls “seeds”.
Each seed unit has a combination of straight lines and circles, which compose a tiny single universe. The materials are created personally for every single universe. The Korean artist dyes each sheet of paper by hand with thousands of different colours cutting and rolling the layers of paper to make them rigid. It gives Kim an emotional bonding to every single universe. Not a single universe has the same shape, look or colour in her work.
Kim’s wallsculptures have been exhibited worldwide and are part of several museum and private collections all over the world.

Ilhwa Kim - Works

Architectural Template


A template of the green


Carving Nature

Carving_Nature_119X93X13cm_2022 (1)

Architectural Nature

Architectural_Nature_164X132X13cm_2022 (1)

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