Matt Devine

Matt Devine
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Matt Devine, born in 1975 in USA.

“I am an artist – there is no plan B. This is who I am and what I must do. It’s essential for my well-being. As a process artist, I thrive on the creativity and repetition of daily studio practices. Ideas evolve, both good and bad, and it is my job to sift through the chaos and see what arises.”

Matt Devine - Works

The Answer Is None #2

The Answer is None #2, 36x54_2022 (1)

Stellar’s J #2

Stellar's J #2_38x38x6_2022 (1)

Bevy of Swans

Bevy of Swans_44x44x6_2022 (1)

AxB #15

Matt Devine

Main Squeeze

Matt Devine Main Squeeze


Matt Devine 36-70-24_1

Studio Study 20-6

Matt Devine Studio Study (1)

Add It Up

Add It Up



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