Annalù (A. Boeretto) was born in San Donà di Piave, Venice, in 1976.

Annalù’s works have been shown in a number of Italian and foreign museums, and can be found in public and private collections all over the world.

Annalù - Works

Dreamcatcher – Violet in the sky

dreamcatcher_violet_in_the_sky_cm100_0 (1)

Dreamcatcher – Blue Flower in the sky

Dreamcatcher_blue_flower_in_the_sky_cm160_cafmeyer (1)

Dreamcatcher – Color Dance in the sky

Dreamcatcher_color_dance_in_the_sky_cm140_cafmeyer_1 (1)

Dreamcatcher – Blue Ginkgo

Dreamcatcher_blue_ginkgo_cm140 (1)

Dreamcatcher – Eclipse

Dreamcatcher_cm80_eclipse (2)

Fukinagahsi – Like fire in the wind

Fukinagashi-Red-like-a-fire-in-the-wind-Cafmeyer_1 (1)

Flying Feet – blue

Flyingfeet_blu_p8 (1)

Annalù - Video's