Russell West

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Russell West’s intensely coloured, dripping paint artworks draw the eye into a three-dimensional labyrinth of layers and hollows, colours and patterns. West can spend up to a year creating a work, repeatedly applying prepared layers and strips of (just) paint onto pre-arranged wire and pins on a board, then allowing the work, in part, to be defined by the natural effects of gravity and the serendipitous movement of the paint.

Russell West - Works

Gnab Bang VIII

Gnab Bang IX (1)


C² III, 2019, Oil on wire on board, W87cm x H72cm x 13cm

Golden Years

Golden Years, 2021, Oil on Mio’s shoes and wire flowers on board,  W50cm x H30cm (Mount W63cm x H43cm)

Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet

Some People Walk in the Rain, Others Just Get Wet, 2021, Oil and wire on board with tin cans,  W70cm x H106cm x D12.5cm (Mounted: W75cm x H115cm x D15.5cm)

Little Boxes XI Blue

Little Boxes XI Blue, 2017, W50cm x H64cm (with Mount: 60cm x 75cm)

Little Boxes XXXIV

Little Boxes XXXIV, Oil on wire on board, W96cm x H80cm

Russell West - Video's