Xavier Embise


Embise (°1978, Belgium) received his training as a car bodyshop manager and held various positions in the railroads sector before entering the world of art.

Always attracted by metal, it is during his years as a “carrossier” that Embise learns to work with it. Fascinated by this cold and inert material at first sight, he uses the techniques he has learned and discovers new ones to give life and movement to his unique creations.

His sculptures, highlighting the nature that surrounds him, are above all a way to draw attention to the beauty of all forms of life, even the smallest ones.

A call to respect and preserve our earth, often abused by humans, but yet so necessary to its survival.


Embise - Works

Lady in Red

Lady in Red 2 - papillon

My Difference Makes Me Shine

My Difference Makes Me Shine - escargot

Pink Lady

Pink Lady 1 - sauterelle

Ready to Fly

Ready to Fly 3 - Libellule

Embise - Video's