Coderch & Malavia

Coderch & Malavia
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Joan Coderch was born in 1959 in Castellar del Vallès. Javier Malavia was born in 1970 in Oñati. 

Sharing the creation of an artwork is complicated, there has to be a predisposition that allows two personalities to fit together artistically. A single voice without any ego, two sensibilities engaged in a dialogue; four hands, those of Joan and Javier, capable of developing pieces that move between daydreaming and reality. The project uniting these two artists is unusual, as honest and authentic as their works.

Coderch & Malavia have participated in multiple collective and individual exhibitions, obtaining several selections and recognitions in both national and international contests. Their works form part of museums and private collections in different countries on five continents.
Joan and Javier currently live and work in Valencia.

Coderch & Malavia - Works



My Life Is My Message

My life is My Message black - 2 (1)


image1 (1)

The Little Tin Man


Clio’s Dream

Clio's dream2


Liber Coderch&Malavia 3

Learning to Fly

Learning to Fly

My Life Is My Message


Coderch & Malavia - Video's

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