Roman Feral - Biography

Roman Feral (°1990) was born in Paris, France. His artistic nature was evident from a young age and at 19 years old, he successfully entered superior art school of L’ Atelier de Sevres in Paris, where his talent flourished further, and his artistic dexterity was shortly after discovered by industry professionals.


Despite his young age, the emerging artist gained recognition and has been attracting collectors’ interest for his innovative, unprecedented works on Louis Vuitton and Goyard trunks. Roman’s vision is to give a new dimension and emotion to the luxury items. By changing their functionality such as converting a luxury trunk into a flat canvas, just like an open book, each works tells the unique story of every piece through time and its proud voyage through decades, immune to the erosion of time. Or creating the illusion of butterflies flying out of a jewelry box giving the product a new perspective and the butterflies a new life. Roman is surely a rising talent and definitely a young artist to keep an eye on.

Roman is further bluring the lines between Luxury retailers like Louis Vuitton and art.

“My art is about taking a product and enhancing it, to create an emotion and ambiance in a way that we haven’t seen.”

“Art has the power to create emotional connections and drive Brand’s consumers consumption. Art and Brands are like Yin and Yang and the grey zone between the two is what fascinates me.”