Per Oscar Jensen - Biography

Per Oscar Jensen

Per Oscar Jensen, born 1947 in Copenhagen/Denmark.

Began his studies at the Royal Academy of Art in Copenhagen from 1975 to 1982.
Debuted in 1975 on the Biennale der Ostseestaaten in Kunsthalle Rostock, and two years later in Denmark on the state censored Autumn Exhibition in “Den Frie” in Copenhagen.

His career as an artist began in the late 60s. During this time, he became engrossed in an art direction that was based on Pop Art with strong impulses to the 70s new realism and super realism, which had a significant influence on his relationship to painting.In recent years, the realistic figures have slowly returned, but in a new and simpler form with a brighter colour scheme.

Per Oscar Jensen´s recent paintings and watercolours are still composed of recognisable, fragmented, everyday objects, such as chairs, car wrecks, sofas, windows, doorways, empty spaces, abandoned homes, shadowy people who contemplate the outside world, people moving through rooms, people moving out of the picture surface, light reflections with a physical presence, free-floating objects in semi-abstract room, text fragments like disconnected associations in the compositional structure.