Marek Zyga - Biography

Marek Zyga


Marek Zyga. : I was born in 1968 (Poland).

Ceramic sculpture dealing with since 2003. Debuted in 2007, the exhibition at the Museum of Ceramics in Boleslawiec, where I live and create.

About my work :

As a sculptor I am interested in human being, especially in his body and gestures. I am fascinated by persons, their beaviour, reactions. My sculptures are like processed images from reality, to some extent they are stories. When an idea comes to my mind and eventually takes shape, I sculpture in clay and then it is formed into gypsum. As a self-taught I am sensitive to proper technique. Before I start a new work, I think how I should make it. I do not make sketches but immediately make a model in clay. My ceramic works are decorated with angobas, pigments and are glazed.

My sculptures relate to classic sculptural forms. One can see busts, torsos, heads carrying symbolic, erotic, exposing meaning-sometimes with a certain undertone of surrealism. My ally is experience and observation.I am inspired by man, actually by relations between people, differences and similarities.

In my bronze sculptures I join classic form witch contemporary design.I use letters. For me letters are works of art,the symbols also. Letter is a moving part of the world fascinating and mysterious the same time you do not know cleary where it comes from and where it goes,but perfectly reflects what we are.